Ravil Kuzyurov conducted a working visit to the Prigorodnyi Forest District

15 May 2018, Tuesday

The Minister of Forestry of the Republic of Tatarstan inspected the State Public Institution “Prigorodnyi Forest District” and the State Budgetary Institution “Educational and Experimental Prigorodnyi Forestry Enterprise”.

Ravil Kuzyurov examined the offices of the Matyushinskiy district forestry department, the sawmill shop, the safety cabinet and the garage. Particular attention was paid to the readiness of fire-fighting equipment and machinery in connection with the fire-dangerous period.

Also, the Minister inspected the plots where sanitary-selective logging is carried out, a permanent forest-seed plot (PFSP), cut-off logs and a basic forest nursery.

The Minister of Forestry of Tatarstan got acquainted with the work carried out in the forest nursery of the Prigorodnyi Forest District. At the moment, seeds of pine, spruce and larch are in full swing there. Then Ravil Kuzyurov visited the school section of the nursery, cuttings on the open ground and in the greenhouse.

To date, more than 424,000 seedlings of European spruce, 600 thousand pieces of common pine seedlings, 155 thousand pieces of Siberian larch seedlings, which will be planted in parks and squares of cities this autumn, grow in the State Budgetary Institution "Educational and Experimental Prigorodnyi Forestry Enterprise" and will replenish the forest fund of the Republic of Tatarstan.

Ravil Kuzyurov examined the apiary site. The Minister also talked with the staff of the Prigorognyi Forest District and gave a positive assessment of their work.

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