Young foresters of Nurlatskiy district made wooden chess set by their own hands

9 June 2018, Saturday

Pupils of the 6th form of the school forestry of the gymnasium named after M.E. Sergeev of Nurlat town annually make and hang birdhouses and bird feeders. Recently, under the guidance of the Technology Teacher, the Head of the school forestry Gayazov Faniz Talibovich, the children mastered the novelty, in the technology lessons they made the wooden chess set, which is an enlarged copy of the usual chess set of 32 figures and transferred to the museum of the Nurlatskiy Forest District.

"We are making chess on the lathe, which was presented to us by the Head of the Nurlatskiy forest district, Rustem Galeev, children are delighted from such work, we cut the lower part on the machine, and the upper part of such complex figures as a horse, we bring to perfection with the help of a fret saw", - notes Faniz Gayazov.

Together with the staff of the Nurlatskiy Forest District, the children take an active part in the implementation of forestry operations: take care of forest cultures and crops in the nursery, and also receive additional knowledge on the basics of forestry disciplines, biology and other natural sciences. The Forestry Leader of the Nurlatskiy Forest District Galeev Rustem Minsalimovich provides all-round support and assistance in the functioning and activities of the school forestry.

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