A meeting with the entrants was held in the Ministry of Forestry of the Republic of Tatarstan

11 July 2018, Wednesday

The Minister of Forestry of the Republic of Tatarstan Ravil Kuzyurov met with the entrants of the Lubyanskiy Forestry Engineering College. Future students along with their parents came to the Ministry from different regions of Tatarstan. Milana Egorova from Pokrovskoe village of Bavlinskiy district was interested in nature and forest since childhood, she made her choice consciously. "I chose the direction of landscape design, it's for creative people, and decided to go. I think this is a promising direction." Her mother Lyudmila Egorova came to support Milana: "We liked the place – it is very beautiful in Lubyana! Everything is green, beauty. I would like to stay there myself. I am very glad that my child will study in an ecologically clean place. Let the forest flourish!"

Minister Ravil Kuzyurov told the graduates about the state of affairs in the forestry industry, about the Lubyankiy Forestry Engineering College, about the importance of the forestry profession, got acquainted and talked with the guys.

"I consider it is important to emphasize for you that a forestry worker is a profession that will never disappear! Even in the age of development of synthetic and polymeric wood substitutes, the demand for wood does not decrease, it is a clean and environmentally friendly product, and therefore the task of preserving and multiplying forests will always be relevant!", Minister Ravil Kuzyurov noted.

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