An environmental campaign on planting trees was held in Elabuzhskiy forest district

5 October 2018, Friday

Environmental campaign “United Day of Forest Planting” took place in the Elabuga kindergarten “Lastochka”. The foresters together with the children planted three blue spruce trees on the territory of kindergarten. According to teachers, such campaigns teach the younger generation respect for nature. A child participating in the campaign learns to appreciate, respect and love the forest. Also today, the staff of Elabuzhskiy forest district carried out tree planting with pupils of secondary schools No. 5 and No. 10 in Elabuga. During the campaign, 65 blue spruce trees, 50 mountain ash trees and 10 mountain pine trees were planted. Together with foresters, children not only improved and greened the school grounds, but also learned a lot of interesting information about the forest and nature.

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