Elabuga schoolchildren took part in "Clean forests of Tatarstan" campaign

8 November 2018, Thursday

The guys from the school forestry "Svezhiy veter (fresh wind)" together with pupils of the Shilnebash secondary school of the Tukayevskiy municipal district of Tatarstan, and, of course, with the participation of parents, in the amount of 30 people supported the traditional environmental protection campaign "Clean Forests of Tatarstan".

Forest cleaning, organized by the Elabuzhskiy forest district, took place on the territory of the forest fund of the Tatarstan district forest in block 128, section 1. In addition to cleaning, the participants of the campaign set up campaign slogans “Take care of nature!”

Clean forests are the guarantee of our health! It is much more pleasant in unity with nature to inhale the fresh air and admire the bright colors of the forest than to see heaps of garbage.

Be kinder to nature and join our campaign "Clean Forests of Tatarstan".

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