Ivan Valentik visited a number of facilities during his working visit to Tatarstan

8 February 2019, Friday

Today the Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation, the Head of the Federal Forestry Agency, Ivan Valentik, visited the Republic of Tatarstan with a working visit. At the Kazan International Airport, he was met by Aleksandr Ornatsky, Head of the Forestry Department for the Volga Federal District, and Ravil Kuzyurov, Minister of Forestry of the Republic of Tatarstan, accompanied by whom he examined a number of facilities.

So, after arriving, Ivan Valentik went to Vysokaya Gora village of Vysokogorskiy municipal district, where he got acquainted with the work of the type III fire and chemical station. At this facility there are 13 pieces of equipment, including 4 fire tankers, as well as the necessary fire equipment and other special equipment for extinguishing forest fires. The explanations during the inspection were given by the Director of the State Budget Institution of the Republic of Tatarstan “Forest Fire Center” Ayrat Akhmerov.

Then Ivan Valentik visited SPI of RT “Primorskiy Forest District” and State Budgetary Institution “Educational and Experimental Prigorodnyi Forestry Establishment” in Derbyshki settlement. There he met with the pupils of the school forestry “Druzya lesa (Friends of Forest)” of Municipal Budgetary Educational Institution “School No. 84” and took part in the meeting of the SPI of RT “Prigorodnyi Forest District” and SBI of RT “Educational and Experimental Prigorodnyi Forestry Establishment” on topic “Results of work in 2018 and tasks for 2019; Consideration of implementation of collective agreements for 2018 and prolongation for 2019 ".

The keynote speaker was Ilnur Kashafeyev, Head-Forester of the SPI of RT “Prigorodnyi Forest District”. He said that last year work on reforestation on the area of 64 hectares in the forest fund of the forest district, and 590 hectares of agrotechnical care for forest cultures was carried out. 182 kg of seeds of the main forest-forming species were harvested, over 1.3 thousand of standard planting material were grown.

“During the raids and scheduled inspections, we found 138 violations. Administrative protocols have been drawn up on all facts”, Ilnur Kashafeyev said.

Then the Director of the SBI of RT “Forest Fire Center” Ayrat Akhmerov spoke, who acquainted the participants of the meeting with the activities of the institution and the results of the work for 2018.

He noted that the SBI of RT “Forest Fire Center” includes 5 fire and chemical stations of III type located in Vysokogorskiy, Laishevskiy, Sabinskiy, Kaibitskiy and Leninogorskiy municipal districts, and a regional dispatch center. “For efficiency and clarity of actions, before the onset of a fire-hazardous season, fire extinguishing techniques are held in each fire and chemical station”, Ayrat Akhmerov informed.

According to him, last year, an information campaign “Against Arson of Dry Grass”, a master class “Protecting Forests from Fire”, a game-tour “No to Forest fires!” and other events were held in order to prevent forest fires.

Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology of Russia - Head of the Federal Forestry Agency Ivan Valentik, during his speech, spoke about the main areas of work of the department and the changes that should be expected in the near future in the field of forest legislation, implementation of global objectives and plans.

Separately, Ivan Valentik dwelled on implementation of the national project “Ecology” and the federal project “Preservation of forests”. “For the entire period of the project implementation, 21.3 billion rubles have been allocated for the purchase of forest fire equipment and 2.8 billion rubles for forestry tools and equipment”, said Ivan Valentik.

After that, the Head of the Federal Forestry Agency met with the President of the Republic of Tatarstan, Rustam Minnikhanov.

Issues of cooperation in the effective use of forest resources, protection and reproduction of forests were discussed in the meeting.
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