Ravil Kuzyurov paid a working visit to Aznakayevskiy municipal district

14 February 2019, Thursday

Today Ravil Kuzyurov, Minister of Forestry of the Republic of Tatarstan, paid a working visit to Aznakayevskiy municipal district. Upon arrival, he met with veterans of the district's forestry and took part in the opening ceremony of a memorial plaque to the honored forester of the Tatar Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic - Stepan Guryanov, installed in the administrative building of the State Budgetary Institution of the Republic of Tatarstan "Aznakayevskiy Forestry Enterprise".

In his welcoming speech, Ravil Kuzyurov emphasized that Stepan Guryanov was an outstanding person. “Labor in the forest industry is not easy, people are coming to the profession by vocation”, the Minister said. “It is thanks to such people as Stepan Guryanov, real professionals who sincerely love their work, we are able to fulfill our common task of preserving and enhancing the forest fund”.

After that, Ravil Kuzyurov took part in the meeting of the SPI of RT “Aznakayevskiy Forest District” and SBI of RT “Aznakayevskiy Forestry Enterprise” on topic “Results of work in 2018 and the tasks for 2019; Consideration of the implementation of collective agreements for 2018 and prolongation for 2019".

Elvir Khazeyev, Head-Forester of forest district, Eduard Chikurov, Director of forestry enterprise, and others spoke at the meeting.

In particular, Elvir Khazeyev said that last year, on the territory of the forest district, work on reforestation was carried out on the area of ​​85 hectares, laying of protective forest stands - on the area of ​​70 hectares. Sanitary and recreational activities were carried out on the area of ​​196 hectares. “In 2018, state forest inspectors identified 21 cases of violations of forest legislation”, added Elvir Khazeyev.

Ravil Kuzyurov thanked the staff of subordinate institutions for their hard work last year. “You have completed all work stipulated by the state task, he said. - Now the districts of the republic are preparing for the fire-dangerous season in the forests. I ask you to strengthen control over this direction and conduct explanatory work with population of the district”.

For reference. Stepan Grigorievich Guryanov (January 16, 1938 – October 16, 2010) devoted 40 years to the forestry sector. He worked for 31 years as Director of the Aznakayevskiy Forestry Enterprise. Under his leadership, woodworking workshops were put into operation in the forestry enterprise, auxiliary farms were built. Stepan Guryanov paid special attention to the cultivation of planting material of the main forest-forming species and improvement of working conditions of the employees of the institution. For many years of work and contribution to the development of forestry, he was awarded the honorary title "Honored Forester of the Tatar Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic" (1991), was awarded the merit badge "For conservation and enhancement of the forest wealth of the RSFSR" (1967, 1983), "XXX years of service in the state forest protection of the USSR (1991) and other awards.

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