Specialists of the Forest Protection Center of the Republic of Tatarstan determined the economically feasible collection of seeds at the forest seed facilities

12 August 2019, Monday

To provide reforestation with seeds with improved hereditary properties, there are forest seed growing facilities on the territory of the forest fund of the Republic of Tatarstan: forest seed plantations - 86 ha and permanent forest seed plots – 1,250 ha. Mainly these areas are occupied by oak - 89%, pine - 7%, European spruce - 3% and Siberian larch - 1%.

In autumn period, the republic plans to harvest more than 11.4 thousand kg of seeds of the main forest-forming species. Specialists of the Federal Budgetary Institution “Roslesozashchita” Branch - “Center for Forest Protection of the Republic of Tatarstan” carried out a control check of the expected yield assessment and determined the economically feasible collection of seeds of small coniferous species at forest seed production facilities.

According to the research it was found that it will be possible to collect an average of 2 kg of ordinary pine seeds on the forest seed plantations from 1 hectare. In permanent forest seed areas, in turn, from 1 hectare it will be possible to harvest on average 5 kg of European spruce seeds and 13 kg of common pine seeds.

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