The Head-forester of the State Public Institution of the Republic of Tatarstan “Kzyl-Yulduzskiy Forest District” Niyaz Tazmeyev conducted a lesson for pupils of “Kayenkai” school forest district

4 October 2019, Friday

Yesterday, on October 3, Niyaz Tazmeyev, Head-forester of the SPI of RT “Kzyl-Yulduzskiy Forest District”, visited the Verkhne-Timerlekovskaya Secondary School of Rybno-Slobodskiy municipal district. There he conducted a lesson on topic “Preservation of forests in the Republic of Tatarstan” for pupils of the “Kayenkai” school forest district.

During the lesson, Niyaz Tazmeyev told the pupils about the ecological, economic and social functions of forests, the activities of the Ministry of Forestry of the Republic of Tatarstan and its subordinate institutions. Along with this, the Head-forester focused on the professions of the forestry industry.

After the lesson, the pupils of the “Kayenkai” school forest district planted blue spruce seedlings on the school grounds. A total of 10 trees were planted.

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