September 2017

Day of forest workers – is a holiday for anyone, who devoted his life to reforestation and forest cultivation, care of plantations, forests protection and exploitation. This day is celebrated by specialists and workers of cellulose-paper, woodworking enterprises, as well as anyone who has love and respect toward forests.

This holiday a traditional festive musical and sportive event was conducted in Lubyany forest engineering college. Within the professional holiday “Day of forest workers” celebrations the forest workers – veterans of the industry were presented with memorable gifts, and the employees of the college - with honorary certificates.

This holiday is a yet one ground to recall about obligations of the society to render reasonable assistance in forest protection. And also to congratulate everyone who is engaged in forestry. Happy day of forest workers!!!

The year of 2017 turned out to be rich in significant dates. On September 16, 2017 there will be 20 years from the date of Kichke-Tan state integrated nature reserve formation. Mostly thanks to adoption of regulatory legal act of the Republic of Tatarstan Government it was possible to preserve the natural ecosystem of the Izh River mouth reach, being the place of habitation for the variety of rare animals and vegetation. On the territory (water area) one may regularly meet white-tailed eagle, fish hawk, oyster catcher, also mute swan, water parsnip and many other semi-aquatic species are nesting there.

The state inspectors of the nature reserve perform constant work on restrain of administrative violations. During the period of the nature reserve activity thousands of infringement of Special protected natural areas regulations were reveled and restrained. In the current year the inspectors of the nature reserve completed about 300 administrative protocols.

The administration of Kichke-Tan state nature reserve takes active part in many republican environment-oriented operations and campaigns: “Spawning”, “Forest plantation”, “Primrose”, “Clean forests of Tatarstan”, “Ecological clean-up events”. Thousands of schoolchildren of Agryzskiy district general education institutions participate annually in international environment-oriented campaign “March of Parks” and frequently become the winners of creative contests of the republican level. At schools and pre-school institutions of the district the inspectors conduct variety of events such as “Integrated environmental lesson”, “Lesson of Forest”, “Day of birds”, “Starling house for each starling”, “Let’s feed birds in winter period” and others. During summer holidays an excursion by ecological paths are organized.

At present an active hardworking staff is formed in the nature reserve. Thanks to their work significant results were achieved in the sphere of territory preservation, ecological enlightenment development. For 20 years the collective of the nature reserve has been headed by Akhli Gaskarovich Faizullin – permanent leader, merited ecologist of the Republic of Tatarstan, Honorary worker of general education of the Russian Federation, Labor veteran.

The first category specialists Nuriev Talgat Ravilovich and Nurimanova Alfiya Nurgalievna, who have been working by all activities of the nature reserve as planting of trees, bird boxes installation and springs development, are well regarded and respected among the colleagues.

Our congratulations with 20th anniversary to the staff members of Kichke-tan state nature reserve!

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