февраля 2018 г.

Belgorod Oak, which grows in the village of Dubovoe, Belgorod region, is a tree - monument of wildlife. Today, it competes for the title of "European Tree of the Year 2018" with 12 century trees from 12 European countries.

Belgorodsky long-liver is in second place, winning 11 522 VOICES.

A tree with the most interesting history is selected in the contest. You can vote on the official website of the contest only once, using your email address.

The results will be announced at the awards ceremony in Brussels, on March 21, where the winners will be awarded.

Voting for the "European Tree - 2018" will last until February 28 this year.

We call on all citizens who are not indifferent to the national property of our country to take part in voting and help Belgorod oak to become a winner!

Under such a title, a competition was conducted in secondary educational school No. 1 and secondary educational school No. 4 in Agryz town, organized jointly with the school forestry units and the State Public Institution “Agryzskiy Forestry Enterprise”.

The event was aimed at cultivating a careful attitude to coniferous trees, desire to keep them growing in our environment (in the park, city, forest). More than 100 drawings and compositions on the topic "It's hard for birds to winter, we need to help the birds" were presented for the competition. Schoolchildren (3 - 6 forms) came up with creative approach and philosophy to their works.

The jury consisted of specialists from the Agrizskiy Forestry, the Education and Teachers Department. As a result of the competition, all children received letters of gratitude, and the winners were awarded with diplomas and sweet prizes.

Environmental education is not just a "fashionable" direction, but the upbringing in children of the ability to understand and love the world around them and take care of it. Every year, a number of nature protection activities are conducted at the “Maloelginskiy” secondary educational school, where schoolchildren take an active part. So, last year the children planted forest crops - 5 hectares, carried out firefighting propaganda - the distribution of leaflets, and in winter the children organized an action to conserve coniferous young trees. For providing assistance in the implementation of reforestation and forestry works on the territory of the forest fund of the Laishevskiy forestry and for active participation in environmental activities, the School Forestry of the Municipal Budgetary Educational Institution “Maloelginskiy Secondary Educational School” was awarded with honorary certificate of the State Institution "Laishevskiy Forestry".

On February 14, 2018, a meeting of the Commission of the Ministry of Forestry of the Republic of Tatarstan on compliance with the requirements of the conduct of public civil servants and the settlement of a conflict of interests was held. Members of the Public

Council, representatives of the Federal State Institution "Russian Center for the Forests Protection", "Forest Protection Center of the Republic of Tatarstan" and the Republican Committee of Trade Unions of Forest Workers participated in the meeting. The issue of assessing the corruption risks arising from the implementation of functions by state civil servants of the Republic of Tatarstan in the Ministry of Forestry of the Republic of Tatarstan was considered on the agenda.

Three years passed from the year when we implemented together the Strategy-2030 of Tatarstan. In accordance with the Law on approval of the Strategy (No.40-3 RT as of June 17, 2015) once every three years it may be corrected if required.

In compliance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan, Rustam Nurgaliyevich Minnikhanov, measures on amending the Strategy-2030 is performing. First of all it should comply with implementing Strategy of Development of the Russian Federation till 2035, as well as respond to advanced technologies of developing digital economy.

In order to get a document to the full extend reflecting long term development benchmark of the republic, it is required more interested people to participate in this work.

As Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin said in 2008 in the extended meeting of the State Soviet “On development strategy of Russia till 2020” “our long-term development benchmark should be clear to anyone, should be supported by the citizens of our country”.

Accordingly your opinion is very important for us. Every citizen of the republic has an opportunity to participate in its future.

In this regard go to the site of Strategy-2030 ( where you may leave your suggestions in the section “Participate in discussing the Strategy”.

Our collaborative work will ensure new breakthrough solutions implementation and world competitiveness of the Republic in whole.

февраля 2018 г.

Ravil Kuzyurov, Minister of Forestry of the Republic of Tatarstan, held a meeting with heads of subordinate authorities. Addressing to the meeting participants the Minister greatly emphasized the importance of administrative discipline observing by performing state duties.

“I kindly ask you to set yourself up for fruitful work. First of all you are required to execute a forest plan, state assignments. Prestige of forester should promote that level which is set by Rustam Nurgalievich Minnikhanov, President of the Republic of Tatarstan” – noted Ravil Kuzyurov.

In the course of the meeting a report of Emir Bedertdinov, First Deputy Minister, was heard. He emphasized that at present forests reproduction was one of the priority tasks for foresters.

“We are striving not only to take measures for enforcing activities in this field but we are also implementing stimulating measures in reproduction and forest seed production. Thus, starting from 2018 four production competitions for improving indices of subordinate authorities has started. According to the results of these competitions advanced household productions will be awarded with equipment for planting material cultivation and silvicultural production”.

In terms of illegal cutting the employees of forest service are assigned a task to reduce their quantity, noting that to achieve this goal it is necessary to perform timely and qualitatively daily surveillance of forests. In relation to subjects of timber harvesting small and medium enterprises in accordance with forest plantations sale and purchase contracts by results of auctions, as well as forest lands tenants should comply with timber harvesting technological chart. Herewith it is required to inform the citizens in terms of compliance with mandatory requirements of forestry legislation.

Rais Gumerov, Deputy Minister, told about results of financial and economic activity of subordinate authorities for 2017 and tasks for the current year.

At the conclusion of the meeting corresponding decisions on future areas of activity of the Ministry of Forestry of the Republic of Tatarstan and its subordinate authorities were adopted.

февраля 2018 г.

Ministry of Forestry of the Republic of Tatarstan announces on holding of an auction on sale of the right to conclude forest plantations sale and purchase contract to subjects of small and medium size enterprises. The auction will be held on February 27, 2018 at 12:00 a.m. by the address: the city of Kazan, prospect Yamasheva, 37A, 4th floor, office 420, tel. (843) 221-37-42(43). 39 lots (by Nurlatskiy forestry) are placed on the auction.

Last Saturday the employees of the Ministry of Forestry of the Republic of Tatarstan participated in mass ski race in Yudino township. All-Russian competition “Russian Ski Track – 2018” started in Lokomotiv stadium. It was splendid sunny day; clean, fresh and icy air only braced up the participants. The foresters together with residents of Kirovskiy and Moskovskiy districts, as well as Heads of republican and municipal service and authorities covered a distance easily.

In addition, young foresters, the students of Lubyanskiy Forestry Engineering College, took part in “Trade-union Youth Ski Track - 2018” held in Zelenodolsk town. It should be noted that once again the skiers of Forestry College proved their potential. All participating students took top places and returned home with medals, diplomas and prizes.

The Winners: Kuznetsova Alina (33sp)—1 place; Alekseyev Danil (43sp)—1 place; Maratkanov Aleksandr (11lh)— 2 place; Asanova Regina (12e)—3 place; Kozyrev Stanislav (23sp)—3 place; Zinnatullina Leila (21lh)—3 place. Team classification—3 place. Well done!!! Keep it up!!!

февраля 2018 г.

More than 200 students of Sabinskiy district told about the profession of a forest man. Leskhozskiy Rural Culture House has opened its doors for future students of the Forestry College.

The event was attended by the First Deputy Minister of Forestry of the Republic of Tatarstan E.N. Bedertdinov, the Head of Sabinskiy municipal district R.N. Minnikhanov, teachers of Kazan State Agrarian University and Lubyanskiy Forestry College.

For schoolchildren in the sports complex, an exhibition was organized where the foresters presented various expositions, starting from laboratory studies of the Forest Selection and Seed Center and decorative and applied art. Great interest in children was caused by an excursion to the fire and chemical station, the wood processing shop and souvenirs.

The future students were also pleased with the concert numbers. "Young foresters" - students of school forestry, students and teachers of Lubyanskiy Forestry Engineering College, Kazan Agrarian University, as well as employees of the Ministry of Forestry of the Republic of Tatarstan appeared before the audience. In his speech, First Deputy Minister Emir Bedertdinov noted that since ancient times, in many religions of the world, the forest is a sacred ecological system, and requires a careful attitude and close attention. "We forest workers are real forest protectors. Our main task is the preservation, restoration and multiplication of forest wealth. To save and grow a new, healthy and beautiful forest, we need promising, young, energetic staff who knows and loves nature," said E.N.Bedertdinov.

During the concert program, the presentation films about the work of the Sabinskiy forestry and the Ministry of Forestry of the Republic of Tatarstan were also presented to the students. The next meeting with the schoolchildren with foresters is planned in Arskiy district.

The document, introduced by a group of deputies and senators, refers a fallen tree (dry trees or their parts lying on the ground), to non-timber forest resources. The introduction of the corresponding amendment to the Forest Code of the Russian Federation will allow citizens to harvest and collect deadwood for their own needs in the manner prescribed by the law of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation. The adopted regulation should not be perceived as a permission to cut trees for firewood at random.

In addition to solving the domestic problem, citizens, gathering the fallen wood, will help to ensure fire and sanitary safety in the forests, thus clearing them of cluttering with wood materials.

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