• 27.06.2017

    On meeting of Russian-German working group

    Within the framework of Memorandum of understanding in the course of cooperation in the sphere of forestry, a meeting of the Russian-German working group will be held in Germany on July 5 – 7, 2017. It is planned to discuss goals and main issues of the working group future activity, as well as scientific and research projects implementing in the Republic of Tatarstan. At present in the republic the projects on development and use of forest plantations and optimization of mixed plantation of common oak and small-leaved linden are implementing in the territory of State Public Institution “Sabinskiy forestry” and State Public Institution “Kaibitskiy forestry”.
  • 27.06.2017

    Winners of creativity competitions visited Sviyazhsk island-town within the framework of “March of Parks” campaign and voluntary projects.

    Last weekend, a bus excursion to Sviyazhsk island-town was held for the winners of creativity competitions within the framework of "March of Parks" campaign and voluntary projects. The schoolchildren of Agryzsky, Buinsky, Mamadyshsky, Zelenodolsky, Spassky, Atninsky, Baltasinsky, Vysokogorsky districts took part in the trip. The children were struck by the uniqueness of the geography of this wonder-town, washed by the waters of three rivers. The island remembered them with wonderful landscapes and its rich history. The children visited local attractions and learned a lot of interesting things, enjoying the leisure time.
  • 26.06.2017

    Foresters call upon to be careful while walking in forests during berries and mushrooms picking

    The Biodiversity Department organized a visit to the village of Ekaterininskaya Sloboda of Novosheshminsky municipal district of the Republic of Tatarstan, in connection with the cases of vipers slithering to the territory of the settlement. In the course of the visit A.V. Pavlov, an expert of the Volga-Kama State Nature Reserve, carried out the site survey, an explanatory work was carried out with representatives of the Executive Committee of  Novosheshminsky District of the Republic of Tatarstan, the Executive Committee of the Ekaterininsky Rural Settlement, the Administration of the municipal budgetary educational institution "Ekaterininskaya general education school" on the needs for preventive measures to prevent poisonous snakes slithering to the village territory. The viper is the only poisonous snake in our region. Other reptiles – water snakes, grass snakes, and snake-like legless anguines lizards - do not pose a hazard to human. All our snakes bring invaluable benefits to forestry and agriculture, eating a large number of rodent mice and restraining the spread of infectious diseases, for example, hemorrhagic fever. The Viper does not attack the person firstly, it only defends, and its poison is not fatal. During the last century, there have been no fatal cases in Tatarstan. Nevertheless, because of the direct destruction by people the viper is rare and is listed in the Red Book of the Republic of Tatarstan. The Ministry of Forestry of the Republic of Tatarstan calls upon the people to be more careful during walks in the forests, during berries and mushrooms picking. Going to the forest, put on tight shoes and trousers; before picking up the mushrooms, "try" the leaves and grass with a stick. Having discovered a snake, it is better to bypass it or gently disturb it with a stick. Do not beat or kill at all. The viper cannot stand the presence of people and quickly creeps away. Observance of such elementary precautions will save human health and the life of vipers - rare and useful representatives of our nature.
  • 23.06.2017

    Representatives of school forestry “Zelyonyi Patrul (Green Patrol)” of Yutazinskiy secondary educational school took part in All-Russian environmental forum

    Four representatives of school forestry “Zelyonyi Patrul (Green Patrol)” of Yutazinskiy secondary educational school took part in All-Russian environmental forum held on June 4 – 8 in Moscow region. The pupils of Yutazinskiy school Ilzana Minnushina, Inzilya Garayeva, Marat Sadykov and Farkhad Mukhametzyanov headed by facilitator Gulnaz Garayeva and representative of State budgetary institution “Bugulminskiy forestry enterprise” L.V.Sadykova represented the Republic of Tatarstan. 5 ecological teams of Tatarstan visited the forum; participation of our teams in such large-scale events shows high level of competence. Opening ceremony of the forum coincided with the Day of environment protection. It started with welcoming speech of Executive Director Alisa Kryukova and Deputy Federal Forestry Agency Aleksandr Panfilov. Besides, the children got acquainted with creative presentation of art-objects of ecological teams. Experts followed the demonstration with insight and duly appreciated the works of young nature preservationists. The participants visited the seminar “Marine environmental issues through video camera objective” produced by Head of Film Studio of Institute of Oceanology RAS Vladimir Marin and made small talk with TV presenter Ivan Chuikin. Besides, the school children got secrets of photo surveying art from professional photographers of the fest “Pervozdannaya Rossiya (Pristine Russia)” Yuriy Sokolov and Svetlana Ivanenko. In conclusion of educational panel the young ecologists discussed international distress message in forest areas with Vladimir Potanskiy – a guide of ecological center “Bitcevskiy les”, “Mospriroda”. It is obvious that after such eventful and educational program the young yutazintcy (people of Yutazinskiy distcrict) deeply learned environmental issues and ways of solution thereof. On one of the sites the young ecologists conducted fashion show of handmade fabulous and national costumes. It was notable that the schoolchildren used various garbage instead of traditional materials. Diligence of eco-designers resulted in wonderful costumes, amazing with both their beauty and original outer look. In the evening concert for forum participants Ilzana Minnushina – 5th form pupil of Yutazinskiy school rendered a Tatar song “Tugan Yak” for all participants from throughout the country. Her song was accompanied with photographs of Yutazy village, displayed in the large screen. The trip in whole left a bunch of warm and vivid expressions.
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