August 2018

A charitable campaign "Help to get ready for school" is held in Tatarstan not for the first time. Employees of Forestry of the Republic of Tatarstan this year also supported a good tradition. In particular, the employees of the State Public Institution “Menzelinskiy Forest District” took part in the event, making their contribution to this charity event.

Financial means were used to purchase school uniform and modern backpacks, with all the necessary supplies for learning. These sets of first-graders were sent for children from large and low-income families. A theatrical performance and a concert were organized for toddlers as well. Young schoolchildren were satisfied. The children were wished successful study, and parents - patience, understanding and more reason for pride for their children.

Carrying out timely care of forest cultures is a guarantee of obtaining qualitative and sustainable plantations. For successful work in this direction, the Ministry of Forestry of the Republic of Tatarstan purchased 125 pieces of hand-held power tools manufactured by Husqvarna. The application of modern technology facilitates the work of forestry specialists, increases labor productivity and the quality of the work performed.

Currently young growth tending is carried out on the area of ​​4,542 hectares. To date, Kamskiy, Menzelinskiy, Cheremshanskiy and Bilyarskiy Forstry Enterprises show good rates for this work. Young growth tending should be completed before October 1 of this year.

August 2018

This year, the Ministry of Forestry of the Republic of Tatarstan purchased autohydraulic lifters, which will be used to harvest cones from seed plantations and plus trees in the season of seeds harvesting. If earlier tree seeds were harvested by standing on the car body or on the platform of the tractor's body, now this work will be done using a hydraulic lift on the basis of the GAZ vehicle. The maximum height of the platform is 20 meters. This allows you to collect more seeds with improved hereditary properties, and also allows you to make appropriate care on the forest seed plantations and permanent forest seed plots. Currently, the objects of forest seed production that produce seeds of the main forest-forming species in the Republic of Tatarstan are on the area of ​​1,336 hectares - in Arskiy, Zelenodolskiy, Isleitarskiy, Kaibitskiy, Kamskiy, Kzyl-Yulduzskiy, Laishevskiy, Prigorodnyi and Sabinskiy forest districts. At the moment, specialists of forestry have collected coniferous seeds - 760 kg, hardwood - 213 kg.

August 2018

Within the framework of the meeting the work of the young Tyumen scientist Andrei Nikolaev was presented, which suggests combating illegal logging by the method of biometric registration of wood. At present, black loggers most often escape punishment because of a lack of evidence. Biometric accounting of wood practically does not leave poachers with chances to cover up tracks and escape punishment.

The scientific method can be compared with fingerprinting - identification of a person following fingerprints, annual tree rings are also unique as fingerprints. The ring pattern can be scanned from any part of the tree, including from the branch and even from the lumber. The stumps left by poachers are photographed, after which they are identified with spills of suspicious wood using a computer program.

"We can determine in which forestry the forest was felled - in Nizhnekamskiy, Sabinskiy, Mamadyshskiy, Aznakaevskiy or any other. Everyone knows that there are magnetic fields of the Earth, which greatly affect the annual rings of trees, on the basis of which the examination is done. It is not a problem to identify the involvement of this stump to this tree. For us, even a twig is evidence", said Islyam Zaynullov, Director of the FBU VNIILM branch of “Sibirskaya LOC”.

In the Ministry of Forestry of the Republic of Tatarstan, according to the schedule, an auction was held to sell the right to conclude a contract for the purchase and sale of forest plantations to small and medium-sized businesses. Totally, 42 lots were placed from 3 forest districts: Nurlatskiy, Nizhnekamskiy and Alkeyevskiy.

With the only participants of the auction, a protocol on the results of the auction is signed and contracts for the purchase and sale of forest plantations to small and medium-sized businesses will be concluded ten days after the date of publication of information on the results of the auction on the official auction site and no later than twenty days after the day of the auction.

August 2018

On August 13, 2018 in the premises of the State Budgetary Institution "Kamskiy forestry enterprise" a seminar was held, the participants of which were familiarized with the management of nursery farming in the permanent basic nursery in the Bersutskiy district forestry. The Head Forester Albert Shamilov told about the technology of growing the planting material, in particular, the protection of young seedlings of coniferous species by the shading methods - the shields create the necessary microclimate. Also, foresters got acquainted with the work of the Krone PD-1.2 mounted excavation equipment on the basis of the Amkodor tractor. With the help of the appropriate technique, a large-sized transplant was demonstrated.

Culture of larch of 1906 - a monument of nature of regional importance was examined in Shumbutskiy district forestry. The uniqueness of cultures is that this is one of the first larch cultures laid in the forest fund of the Republic of Tatarstan. These crops have the status of a specially protected natural area.

Within the framework of the seminar, they inspected the production bases, turnery, the woodcutter, and the site for selective sanitary felling by small-scale brigades. After inspecting the facilities, the Minister of Forestry of the Republic of Tatarstan, Ravil Kuzyurov, held a meeting with the heads of the forest districts and the directors of the forestry enterprises, where the Head of the Mamadyshskiy municipal district, Anatoly Ivanov, also took part. During the meeting, reports were heard on the state of affairs in Zelenodolskiy, Leninogorskiy, Alkeyevskiy and Zainskiy forest districts. Issues of staffing of the forestry sector of the Republic of Tatarstan were also raised. The Minister once again reminded of the contest for the best forest nursery, which is now being held in the republic. As a result of the contest, the best nursery will receive a valuable prize.

"I would like to draw your attention to the Bersutskiy nursery - one of the best nurseries in Tatarstan, beautiful pine seedlings, the quality of planting material is at a high level", the Minister said.

August 2018

Many graduates came to Lubyany from different parts of Tatarstan, Mari El, Chuvashia, Kirov region, and other regions of the Russian Federation. At the solemn meeting they were greeted by the First Deputy Minister of Forestry of the Republic of Tatarstan Emir Bedertdinov and the Director of the College Rim Fakhraziev.

Over 97 years Lubyanskiy Forestry Engineering College has trained more than 9,000 specialists, many of whom are loyal to their profession, they have worked and are working in forestry enterprises throughout the country.

The technical school has become a school for many dynasties of forestry specialists, where grandsons of former students of our educational institution are currently studying.

By tradition, already for 9 years every second Saturday of August, Lubyany and Lubyanskiy technical school welcomes graduates and guests of the village with cordiality.

Lubyanskiy Forestry Enterprise-Technical School was founded in 1921. In 2012, it was transferred to the jurisdiction of the republic and entered the structure of the Ministry of Forestry of the Republic of Tatarstan. Since that time it is called a Forestry Engineering College.

August 2018

A delegation of foresters from Tatarstan visited the Ministry of Forestry of the Republic of Mari El. Within the framework of the visit, a seminar was organized on the use of aircraft in forestry. In the premises of the Volga State Technological University, experts of the Ministry of Forestry of the Republic of Tatarstan were demonstrated the work of the drone, also a software product that analyzes the received images. Based on aerial photography, it becomes possible, without coming to the plot, to determine the actual area of ​​the felling, the conformity of the actual data with the project data.

Also within the framework of the visit an excursion to the Forest Museum of the Ministry of Forestry of Mari El was organised.

August 2018

Today, the Ministry of Forestry of the Republic of Tatarstan hosted a presentation of special geoinformation services developed for the ministry within the framework of the “Digital Model of the Republic of Tatarstan” project. With the help of images from space, the program will recognize changes in the forest fund, such as revealing of felling, windfall, windbreaks, shrinking of tree vegetation under the influence of diseases and pests, hydrological and climatic changes, identifying of landfills, quarries, building on forest land and forest fires. Also with the help of the program it will be possible to compare the boundaries of the planned and actual logging areas. The program will facilitate the work of forest rangers on the sites and employees of the Ministry of Forestry of the Republic of Tatarstan. The introduction of the service will increase the number of fixed violations in the forest fund, increase the responsiveness to the emergent violations, reduce the number of ineffective site visits, and, as a result, increase the economic efficiency of supervisory activities by optimizing costs. The planned implementation date is spring of 2019, but today a prototype was shown and examples of intermediate results are given. The project "Digital Model of the Republic of Tatarstan" is implemented by the team of the Innopolis University.

On August 13, a republican seminar-meeting will be held at the State Public Institution “Kamskiy Forest District” for the forest managers and directors of the forestry enterprises of 31 forest districts and forestry enterprises of the Republic of Tatarstan. Within the framework of the seminar, they will inspect production bases, a turnery, and a site for conducting selective sanitary felling by small-scale brigades. Also, forest cultures of larch of 1906 planting year will be inspected - a monument of nature of regional importance. Then they will be familiarized with the Bersutskiy forest nursery. Also, foresters will see the technology of a mounted hinged installation on the basis of the "Amkodor" tractor.

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