June 2018

A seminar on planting stock growing, forests reproduction, selective sanitary felling and labor protection, was held in the premises of the State Budgetary Institution “Cheremshanskiy Forestry Enterprise”. Participants of the seminar got acquainted with the management of the nursery farm in the permanent basic nursery in the Kazankinskiy forest district. The Head-ranger, Rivgat Mutygullin, and the Director of the forestry enterprise, Nikolai Kvakov, talked about the agricultural technology and the technology of planting material growing, as well as the growing of the large-sized tree by pruning the roots of the seedlings.

In the Svetlogorsk district forestry department, the areas of cleaning of oak tree cultures, selective sanitary felling, as well as the sawmilling shop, were examined, where they talked about the safety and labor protection practices carried out at the production site. Also, the seminar participants got acquainted with the trading platform at the central office of the forestry enterprise.

After inspecting the facilities, Minister of Forestry of the Republic of Tatarstan Ravil Kuzyurov held a working meeting in which the Head of the Cheremshanskiy municipal district Ferdinat Davletshin also took part. The preliminary results of forestry activities for the first half of 2018 were summed up at the meeting. At the end of the meeting, the Minister instructed to pay attention to the quality of work in the nurseries and to strengthen control over the fire situation in the forests of the Republic of Tatarstan.

"Pay attention to the stability of the Cheremshanskiy forest district, which ensures high-quality performance of works. This means that Cheremshan forests have the future", - said the Minister.

June 2018

During the working trip the Minister of Forestry of Tatarstan, Ravil Kuzyurov, inspected the state of affairs in the State Public Institution “Nizhnekamskiy Forest District” and State Budgetary Institution “Nizhnekamskiy Forestry Enterprise”. The Minister held a meeting with the staff of forest district and forestry enterprise, where a wide range of issues related to improving efficiency was discussed, in terms of work on growing planting stock of the main forest-forming species and forest crops planting. "Special attention should be paid to the quality of the work. The quality of work is the future of forests", the Minister said.

After the meeting Ravil Kuzyurov checked the fire-fighting equipment, the production workshops of sawmill and the forest nursery. Also, the Minister inspected the planting of forest crops in 2018. In the spring forestry period, 39 hectares of forest crops were planted in the Nizhnekamskiy forest district, such as common spruce, common pine and birch dangling. Also on the municipal lands of Nizhnekamsk, 48 hectares of protective forests were planted, which in the future will contribute to the formation of a green shield around this large industrial city.

June 2018

On June 15-16 the second regional Forest Forum was held in Kirov, within the framework of which the interregional championship of the region among loggers "Logger-2018" was held. Teams from different regions such as Tatarstan, Chuvashia, Karelia, Nizhny Novgorod and the Moscow region were invited to participate in the competition. Loggers struggled for the prestigious title of "The best feller". As part of the competition, the participants carried out operations on tree felling, cross-cutting with combined cuts, precise cross-cutting, and trimming of branches.

The team of the Republic of Tatarstan was represented by loggers from the State Budgetary Institution “Nurlatskiy Forestry Enterprise”. Oleg Alekseev took 3rd place in the disciplines "Tree felling" and "Chain replacement", Fidail Adeev took 3rd place in the discipline "Precise cross-cutting", Nikolay Grishakov took 2nd place in the discipline "Cross-cutting with combined cut". In the absolute superiority the participants from the Republic of Tatarstan took the second place. By the way, Fidail Adeev from the Republic of Tatarstan was recognized as the youngest participant of the competition, he was 21 years old.

In order to attract to sports, consolidate the students' knowledge in practice and interact with members of the collective, a tourist camp meeting took place in Lubyanskiy College, with the participation of employees of forestry, college and students. The camp of tourists was located on the bank of the Lubyanka river in the High Bridge area. Participants of the meeting competed in strength, dexterity, ingenuity. The annual sports festival attracted more than 100 people. On solemn parade Rim Fakhraziev, Director of College, congratulated students and employees with opening of a tourist camp meeting. "I wish everyone to spend time joyfully and usefully, and also that this day be remembered by everyone, as one of the best days in a careless student life," - said Rim Fahraziev.

Viktor Kostin, Head of Lubyanskiy rural settlement, also greeted the participants of the competition.

June 2018

On behalf of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan, Rustam Minnikhanov, the Minister greeted the Muslumovo residents and guests of the district. Ravil Kuzyurov stressed the importance of the Sabantuy holiday, which, along with other national holidays, is a vivid example of peaceful coexistence and cultural mutual enrichment. "Let the present Sabantuy give all of us the most positive emotions and give new strength to creativity and creative work. Peace to you, happiness, goodness and prosperity", the Minister said.

After the welcome speech, Ravil Kuzyurov, Minister of Forestry of the Republic of Tatarstan, and Ramil Mullin, Head of Muslyumovskiy municipal district presented state awards.

June 2018

Ravil Kuzyurov, Minister of Forestry of the Republic of Tatarstan, met with the delegation of the Republic of Abkhazia. During the meeting, the guests visited the Forest Museum of the Ministry, where they were told about the history of the forest industry, the current state and prospects for the development of forestry in the Republic of Tatarstan.

June 2018

Today, the FIFA fans site was opened, at which the employees of the Ministry of Forestry of Tatarstan also attended. At the Fan Fest site, the speech of the President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov and the players of "Rubin" took place. Later, the FIFA first match of the Russia-Saudi Arabia began. By the way, the only official site for viewing all 64 matches of the tournament is on the platform in front of the "Kazan" Family Center.

As part of the working trip, foresters from the Republic of Bashkortostan got acquainted with forest management in Tatarstan, in particular, with technologies for growing planting stock with a closed root system in the premises of the Forest Selection and Seed Center of the Republic of Tatarstan, deep processing of wood at the woodworking integrated plant of the Sabinskiy forestry enterprise, dendrological garden. In conclusion, the Minister of Forestry of the Republic of Tatarstan Ravil Kuzyurov and the Minister of Forestry of the Republic of Bashkortostan Marat Sharafutdinov planted memorable forest cultures.

June 2018

In the State Public Institution "Kzyl-Yulduzskiy Forest District", as part of the state assignment for 2018, the work on harvesting illiquid timber - dead wood is continuing. Cleaning of illiquid wood is carried out by harvesting of windfall, snagging trees, as well as trees with other damages, stacking them in piles, removing stuck trees, cutting high deadwood stumps.

At the moment along the Federal highway M-7 "Volga" in the area of ​​activity of the State Public Institution "Kzyl-Yulduzskiy Forest District" cleaning of illiquid timber was carried out on a total area of ​​79 hectares in the amount of 374 cubic meters.

On June 15-16, 2018 Kirov will host the second regional Forest Forum, which will bring together all parties interested in the effective development of the timber industry complex. The event will bring together representatives of federal structures, executive authorities of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, business and the scientific community from various cities of the country.

Within the framework of the forum the regional championship among loggers "Logger-2018" will take place, where teams from neighboring regions are planned to participate. Traditionally it is one of the most spectacular stages of the event. The purpose of this championship is to raise the prestige of the logging profession, as well as the improvement of professional skills. At this event, the team of the Republic of Tatarstan will be represented by timber fellers from the State Budgetary Institution “Nurlatskiy Forestry Enterprise”. Currently, the team is preparing for the upcoming competitions.

The team of the Republic of Tatarstan will be represented by: Elivanov Spartak Nikolaevich - the Director of the SBI “Nurlatskiy Forestry Enterprise” - the team captain, Grishakov Nikolay Lavrentievich - the logger of the SBI “Nurlatskiy Forestry Enterprise”, Alekseev Oleg Nikolayevich - the logger of the SBI “Nurlatskiy Forestry Enterprise”, Adeev Fidail Nailevich - the logger of the SBI “Nurlatskiy Forestry Enterprise”.

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