Working trip of the Minister of Forestry of the Republic of Tatarstan to the Leninogorskiy Forest District

10 July 2018, Tuesday

Ravil Kuzyurov got acquainted with the state of affairs in the State Public Institution “Leninogorskiy Forest District”. Head of the Leninogorskiy municipal district Ryagat Khusainov also took part in the inspection. The Minister got acquainted with the basic forest nursery in Shugurovsky district forestry and inspected the quality of forest crops in 2018 - common and oak wood. Also the plantings of pine in 2011 were inspected. Ravil Kuzyurov drew the attention of the staff to the quality and timeliness of ongoing work, the need to grow own planting stock, which will replenish the forest fund of Tatarstan.

Also, the Minister of Forestry of the Republic of Tatarstan checked the readiness of the fire fighting equipment FCS-3 of the State Budgetary Institution "Forest Fire Center", located in Leninogorsk town, the Republic of Tatarstan. Within the framework of the detour, the Minister was informed of the readiness of forces and means in the event of emergencies. After the inspection, Ravil Kuzyurov held a meeting with forest district and forestry enterprise staff, where he once again drew attention to the need to increase control over forests in the summer period.

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