First Deputy Minister Ilgizar Zaripov congratulated the forest industry veteran Gusman Ibragimov on the anniversary

8 September 2019, Sunday

Today, the First Deputy Minister of Forestry of the RT, Ilgizar Zaripov, visited industry veteran Gusman Ibragimov and congratulated him on his 90th birthday.

During the meeting, Gusman Ibragimov shared his memories of his life and thanked the leadership of the Ministry for the constant attention and support.

Saying goodbye, Ilgizar Zaripov wished the veteran good health, prosperity and long life.

Guzman Ibragimov was born on September 8, 1929 in Murza Berlibash village of Kaibitskiy municipal district. Starting his career in 1945, he worked in such positions as a cashier statistician, clerk, accountant, chief accountant of the Kaibitskiy forestry industry enterprise, senior accountant of the Bolshe-Tarkhanskiy forestry industry enterprise, senior accountant-auditor of the Ministry of Forestry of the Tatar Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic. In general, Gusman Ibragimov has 49 years of experience in the industry. For long-term and conscientious work he was awarded the medal “Veteran of Labor” (1985), Certificate of Honor of the Ministry of Forestry of the TASSR (1989), etc.

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