Crops opening from snow is carrying out in forest nurseries of the Republic of Tatarstan

9 April 2018, Monday

To accelerate the descent of snow cover from the sowing compartments in the forest nurseries of our republic, necessary work was done to open the crops from snow, the so-called "blackening of snow". According to the subordinated institutions, the depth of snow this year reached from 1.3 to 1.5 meters.

The main goal of "blackening of snow" is to force acceleration of its melting and the solution, thereby the tasks, on improving wintering conditions for plants. "Blackening" of the snow cover can be carried out at different periods of snow on the surface of the soil, depending on the amount of snow that has fallen out.

In particular, the employees of State Public Institution "Aznakaevskiy Forest District" and State Budgetary Institution "Aznakaevskiy Forestry Enterprise" have spread ash on the snow area at the time of its mass melting in the territory of the forest nursery. This procedure significantly reduces the risk of infection of crops with various diseases and reduces the spring sunburn probability, by reducing the reflection of sunlight.

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