Regional environmental festival “Probuzhdeniye” was held in the public garden named after A.A. Gulyaev in Aksubayevo urban-type settlement

18 September 2019, Wednesday

Yesterday, on September 17, the regional environmental festival “Probuzhdeniye” was held in the public garden named after the first Minister of Forestry of the TASSR A.A. Gulyaev in Aksubayevo urban-type settlement. The event was dedicated to the 100th anniversary of founding of the Aksubayevo Central Library.

Visitors of the eco-festival were able to see an exhibition of drawings and crafts made by pupils of general educational institutions of the district, to enjoy a cup of warm and invigorating tea, pastries and honey. Also, as part of the holiday, master classes on manufacturing objects from natural materials, wood carvings, various games, contests, etc. were organized. The event was accompanied by a rich cultural and entertainment program with participation of creative teams of the district.

Head of the municipal district Kamil Gilmanov, Director of the State Budgetary Institution “Republican Center for Development of Traditional Culture” Alsu Miftakhova, Head -Forester of the State Public Institution of the Republic of Tatarstan “Aksubayevskiy Forest District” Andrei Ilmukhin, Head of the Volga-Kama Territorial Administration of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources Rafis Akhmetzyanov and others congratulated on anniversary the staff of the Aksubayevo Central Library and its readers. Along with this, Andrei Ilmukhin handed gifts - blue spruce seedlings - to the winners of the craft contest.

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