Federal Forestry Agency summed up the results of forest conservation campaign “Save the Forest”: a total of 35 million trees were planted

12 November 2019, Tuesday

The Federal Forestry Agency summed up the results of the “Save the Forest” reforestation campaign, launched in mid-September this year on a joint initiative of the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources and the Federal Forestry Agency as part of the “Ecology” national project. Over a month and a half, more than 3 million participants in 80 regions of the country planted 35 million trees. The “green belt” of Russia was replenished with young pines, spruce and larch. In a number of regions, new plantings of birch, apple, mountain ash, lilac and other tree species also appeared.

The campaign brought together schoolchildren, students, tenants of forest areas, representatives of large industrial enterprises, public environmental organizations, as well as well-known cultural figures and show business.

In the Republic of Tatarstan, more than 20 thousand people joined the reforestation campaign “Save the Forest” and the Republican environmental campaign “Forest Week 2019”. The participants planted 1.5 million pieces of planting material (seedlings of common pine, European spruce, Siberian larch, small-leaved linden, common rowan) on the area of ​​more than 300 hectares.

Let us recall that the reforestation campaign began on September 14. Its goal was to plant 30 million trees across the country. This mark was reached on October 23 in Sochi with the participation of Russian Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology Dmitry Kobylkin, Deputy Chairman of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation Olga Timofeyeva, leaders and representatives of African countries participating in the first international “Russia-Africa” summit.


According to the press service of the Federal Forestry Agency

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