Seminars-meetings on forestry issues were held in Aksubaevsky municipal district of the Republic of Tatarstan

22 September 2021, Wednesday

In the Aksubaevsky municipal district of the Republic of Tatarstan, seminars-meetings on forestry were held on the territory of Aksubaevsky, Ibraikinsky, and Cheboksarsky district forestries. The events were organized for the employees of the GKU RT "Aksubaevsky forestry" and the GBU RT "Aksubaevsky forestry enterprise".

The participants of the seminars-meetings examined 3 basic forest nurseries, assessed the quality of the work carried out this year on reforestation, afforestation, agrotechnical care of forest crops, thinning in young stands, measures for the fire-prevention arrangement of forests, etc.

"We annually hold such seminars-meetings to exchange experience and improve the efficiency of forest cultivation, forest protection, and forestry work," said Andrey Ilmukhin, head-forester of the RT Aksubaevsky forestry. "Also, traditionally, based on the results of inspections, the best district forestry is determined for the fulfillment of the state assignment for the implementation of a set of works for the protection, protection, and reproduction of forests. This year, the first place was awarded to Aksubaevsky district forestry".

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