On the territory of the forest fund of the Zainsky forestry, work is underway to harvest illiquid timber

23 September 2021, Thursday

In the Zainsky municipal district of the Republic of Tatarstan, work continues to improve the sanitary condition of forest plantations. “Currently we are carrying out work on the harvesting of illiquid wood in the division of the 8th quarter 102 of the Yamashinsky district forestry of the Zainsky forestry, 5 people are involved,” said Ranil Mukhammadiev, director of the State Budgetary Institution of the Republic of Tatarstan “Zainsky forestry enterprise”. “The area of the site is 14 hectares.”

“In total, this year on the territory of the Zainsky forestry it is planned to harvest illiquid timber on an area of 57 hectares,” added Ranil Mukhammadiev.

For reference. Illiquid wood - wood that cannot be used for economic purposes due to the loss of technical qualities due to rot damage, as well as a result of fires and other natural disasters. Harvesting of illiquid wood is carried out in places of formation of a wind blow, wind break, snow break, crown fires, and other damage in the presence of illiquid wood in more than 90% of the total stock of dead trees. First of all, work is carried out in specially protected areas, recreational zones, forest parks, forests that perform sanitary and hygienic and recreational functions, protective zones along roads, in memorial plantations, and other especially valuable forest areas. On lands of other designated purposes and categories of protective forests, the harvesting of illiquid wood is carried out if there is a threat of the emergence of foci of harmful organisms or fire safety.

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