Ilgizar Zaripov: “We are grateful to all residents of the republic who have joined the campaign “Clean Forests of Tatarstan” for their help and caring attitude to the forest”

25 September 2021, Saturday

Today in the Republic of Tatarstan, the cleaning of the forest fund was organized within the framework of the republican environmental action “Clean Forests of Tatarstan”. One of the sites was the territory in quarter 84 of the Stolbishchensky district forestry of the Prigorodny forestry. The event brought together about 500 people.

“This year, the autumn stage of the “Clean Forests of Tatarstan” campaign started on September 13 and will last until November 13. For 12 days of the action, 159 cubic meters of solid household waste were collected and removed from the forest fund,” commented Ilgizar Zaripov, First Deputy Minister of Forestry of the Republic of Tatarstan. “Also, specialists of the forestry sector have improved 16 springs, repaired 88 notices, information boards and recreation areas for citizens staying in the forests.”

“The central event of the “Clean Forests of Tatarstan” campaign is taking place here. Along with the cleaning of forests, 200 pieces of European spruce seedlings were planted as part of the All-Russian campaign “Save the Forest”, added Ilgizar Zaripov. “We are grateful to all the residents of the republic who have joined the action today for their help and caring attitude to the forest”.

In total, 5 cubic meters of solid waste was collected by the participants of the action at this site today. In general, the Republic of Tatarstan collected and removed solid waste, deadwood, and fallen trees in the amount of 2.6 thousand cubic meters. The action was attended by 20.5 thousand people.

For reference. The Republican environmental action “Clean Forests of Tatarstan” has been carried out by the Ministry of Forestry of the Republic of Tatarstan since 2010. The action takes place twice a year - in spring and autumn - in all municipal districts of the republic. Among the permanent participants of the action are employees of ministries, departments, institutions, organizations, enterprises, tenants of forest plots, representatives of horticultural associations, cooperatives, environmental associations, students of higher and secondary specialized educational institutions, volunteers.

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